FUGA is a brand of handmade household items made from natural materials. Wood is our main material. FUGA designs and produces unique serial product and custom projects. We combine big production capacity and variability of the manual labour. FUGA is a combination of scale and individuality.

FUGA was established in 2015 by Yana Osmanova, owner and designer of the brand. Product ranges are created for different purposes and cover a variety of styles. It includes kitchenware, decoration, bathroom things, tableware and decoration for hotels and restaurants and more to come. FUGA collections are united by the idea of bringing beauty to everyday life.

One of our signature products are our range of chopping boards. Handmade from a solid piece of wood, each chopping boards are crafted with chainsaw by our experienced craftsmen making each product unique.

FUGA is inspired by Russian nature, art and culture. We carefully bring traditional materials to the modern reality. We appeal to the Russian applied culture, know and love craft traditions, working with the traditional Russian material and using mostly traditional technology.

 FUGA Chopping Boards


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