DIGA Bowl / Various colours

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Designed for OMMO by Andrea Ponti, Diga is an ingenious bowl designed as both server and strainer, perfect for dishing up salad or anything boiled or steamed including vegetables and rice. At the bottom of the bowl is a cap which when rotated is open and water can drain through, once the cap is twisted back the drain is shut and DIGA becomes a serving bowl. There is a non-slip silicone ring on the base for secure grip on the surface. DIGA has an elegant form with rounded edges and a white exterior with a mint interior. Comes gift boxed.

 NOTE: Suede is a new sample piece with a sample sticker on side the box. 


Dimension: D320mm  H50 mm
Material: Melamine, PP
Colour:  Mint / Suede 
Not for microwave oven
Food safe

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