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Wave Candle holder

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Handmade ceramics

We are obsessed with ceramics here at YOD&CO. Here's a selection of makers we love and adore.

  • low white candleholder
  • Low Wave Candleholder - White Speckle
  • wave candleholder collection
  • low white candleholder
  • low white candleholder
  • low wave candleholder collection
  • low wave candleholder collection
  • wave candleholder collection


Low Wave Candleholder - White Speckle

Regular price $26.00

Designed by YOD&CO and handcrafted in Portugal, the Wave Candleholder range is made in small batches by a skilled team of artisans. Each item is slip-cast, hand-glazed, and meticulously finished.

The reactive glaze finish creates a beautiful depth in colour and is a celebration of the ceramic process. Each piece will have a unique finish. We have curated the shade range available so the Wave collection can be mix and matched in your home.

Available in 2 sizes and 8 delicious finishes.

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