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Alongside the brands and objects we love on our curated online shop, Yod and Co also have a range of own brand products that is available for wholesale. If you are interested the item, please drop us an email and we can provide you with catalog and details.

 Wholesale enquiries: wholesale@yodandco.com

Tangent GC

Tangent GC

Yod and Co is the UK & Ireland representative for Tangent GC. Stockholm based TANGENT GC specialises in eco-friendly garment, shoe and skin care products. Tangent GC brand ethos brings great quality products formulated with real care and craftsmanship. Tangent GC set out to provide a superior range of organic products formulated from 100% natural contents, not emanating from the chemical industry or flung off conveyor belts. Our products naturally and effectively care for all your favourite garments and you, without harming the environment.

Wholesale enquiries: tangentgc@yodandco.com

Tangent GC website: www.tangentgc.com