From Perfume to Art

Tangent GC has launched four new fragrances of organic soap. Staying true to its concept, Tangent GC continues to build on its series of solitaire perfumes, one scent from one natural source for every product. The four new fragrance are: Sugar, Cedar, Clover and Kiyomi.

Artist Åsa Stenerhag, Design Director at Totême and former Head Designer of Filippa K, was invited to interpret the new fragrances visually. Her works have been transferred onto the packaging, resulting in 100 unique soap boxes.

In connection with the project she was interviewed and asked what motivates her: “The process drives me. […] I’ve met some challenges in our mutual project, for example. We have worked with a colour spectrum I normally don’t use. We have been forced to find printing solutions to transfer our works onto packaging. All the meetings, decisions, discussions and choices really matter and are all important parts of the process.”

As part of the launch, the 100 boxes will be sold at selected retailers around the world starting February 2019. (sadly not with Yod and Co, but you can still shop the normal products with us!)

The New Perfumes

— TGC107 sugar: Sugarcane pulp exudes a lively musk aroma accompanied by rounded notes ranging from chestnut and fresh milk to maple syrup.

— TGC108 cedar: The hallmark note of pencil cedar is that of warm and dry wood It also carries with it a faintly discernible trace of wild berries.

— TGC109 clover: White clover blooms throughout the summer; its floral signature – with a wisp of new grass and nectar is indeed the season’s score.

— TGC110 kiyomi: Kiyomi is sweeter than the common orange. It is happy – and a bit more refined, as well. 

Product Information

The soaps are organic and made of olive and coconut oil. The plastic bottles are made from sugarcane, leaving a negative carbon footprint.


Tangent GC organic soaps Tangent GC limited edition soaps

About Tangent GC

Tangent GC, a Swedish enterprise founded in 2012, specialises in organic care products. The products, made from natural ingredients, are sold around the world



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