Malako Skincare

As a keen gardener, and after years of working within the Health and Beauty industry, Kanchalika developed an awareness on the importance of using natural ingredients on the skin. She found that not only did this improve overall skin health, it also encouraged better wellbeing and had a powerful impact on the mind and body.

She then began her journey,combining her love of nature with her passion for wellness to create MALĀKO; her vision of what beauty should be- products that aren’t just skin deep. Carefully choosing the best ingredients, and balancing them with complimentary fragrances to create ranges that not only nourish and heal the skin, but also stimulate the senses and awaken the soul.



Inspired by the places she calls home, Kanchalika explored the benefits of Western and Thai therapeutic plants, and was captivated by their amazing diversity and healing properties.


It was on a life changing visit to Thailand that she reconnected with her roots and learned the secrets of holistic Thai medicine. She met with Thai herbalists and healers, from whom she learnt the fundamentals of traditional Thai medicine, the concept of living in harmony, and being Metta- the Buddhist term for focusing on the development of unconditional love for all beings. It is here that she learnt the importance and craft of combining healing ingredients with complimentary fragrances, to create products that heal from the inside and out. Products that inspire and aid happiness, wellness, and peacefulness.


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